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Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Mon Oct 2 16:15:58 BST 2006

Hi Ben,
I'm glad the situation is improving.  All the discussion has been very 
useful.  The 110 must have an HD8 since it shares the air intake casting 
with the Mk.II and MkIII.   I wonder, since it is mostly a short stroke 
Mk. II engine, if it also has the enconmizer feature on it's carb?  
Someone with a 110 please comment.

Kent K.

Ben Rodgers wrote:

>Hi Folks
>            Well its Monday morning and back to the barn to try again. I
>took the needle out and looked at it more closely this time. The ring groove
>I talked about is indeed the shoulder mark for this needle, it is marked UF.
>The whole needle is a brass finish, I have seen needles that have a distinct
>different finish on the shoulder but not this one so the ring must be the
>mark. Once adjusted the car did run much better, I took it out and actually
>got into overdrive!!! but there is still something not quite right?? the
>engine still tends to stall and or balk going up hill. I'm guessing the
>float may be out of adjustment now or a restriction in gas flow somewhere??
>I have stopped again for the day, its raining and blowing hard we are in the
>tail end of a hurricane and I didn't fancy getting stranded along the
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