[ROVERNET - UK] Hi to all

David Sheuring rovertcv8 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 4 02:05:58 BST 2006

I figured it out and got this darn thing workin
 I have been reading Rovernet for years but could not
get it workin right. Thanks so much to you Eric
I wanted to let yall know that I have 3 Rovers in my
I have 2 2000TC one is a 68 and the other is a 70
and then I have a 70 3500S Modified....which I took up
to Maryland last weekend and displayed it. 
I have many many rover parts and soon I will have them
listed on my web page and on ebay. 
If anyone out there needs something...except outside
mirrors....I think I can help.
Guess thats it for the moment
Thanks for taking time to read this
David Sheuring
Lillington, NC, USA

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