[ROVERNET - UK] OT spellchecking

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Mon Oct 9 03:34:03 BST 2006

Anyone else ever notice that the Mozilla Thunderbird spellchecker 
doesn't want you to type the word "internet" unless it has an upper case 
"I" at the beginning? What's that about, and who's behind it? Also, the 
word "spellchecker" is not allowed, but "spell checker" is fine. Does 
your "spell" need to be examined for accuracy? Or could it be that you 
really need a "spellingchecker" to check your spelling. No, that's 
unacceptable, too, according to the Mozilla software. What's their real 
agenda? I wonder...

Since spellchecks never get it right for our ambiguous language I don't use them.


NZ fentestuc ay
UK farntarstic
US faantaastick
AU fantastic

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