[ROVERNET - UK] OT spellchecking

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Oct 9 04:21:56 BST 2006

Paul Smith wrote:
> Since spellchecks never get it right for our ambiguous language I don't use them.
> NZ fentestuc ay
> UK farntarstic
> US faantaastick
> AU fantastic

Actually, it was turned on by default when I installed the software, and 
it's pretty unobtrusive. It doesn't correct anything or open a new 
window - just underlines words it doesn't like in red. Then you can 
right-click for suggestions, if you want to. I guess there's really only 
one internet (that is, Internet), but I resent the upper-case "I" (as if 
the folks on Star Fleet personnel might want to protect its fundamental 
rights as a "sentient" being). Even God is allowed to be typed with a 
lower-case "g" if that's my choice. I guess Mozilla admits to the 
possible existence of lesser "gods" while steadfastly maintaining there 
can be only one Internet.

But what really bugs me is that, according to American usage, I should 
have included a comma inside the quotation marks when I typed "g" a 
couple of sentences ago. This never looks correct, and I have a hard 
time doing it. I understand that British usage would allow you to put 
the comma outside of the "quotation marks", if that's the way you want 
to structure your sentence. Looks better to me, but I can't turn in an 
academic paper like that in this country.


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