[ROVERNET - UK] It sure is Quiet out there in Rover Land!!!

David Sheuring rovertcv8 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 11 17:16:35 BST 2006

Hello Rovernetters,
Just noticed that it is quiet out there....just like
on ebay. I have items on there that will interest
Rover owners. I am selling Vanguard Rover P6 in my
store. However, I havent put them on yet to sell....I
will by 6pm est....today, Wed.

Also, am looking for a clutch master cylinder for my
70 2000TC. This is the one that feeds off the
container that also feeds the Brake master cylinder.
Please let me know if you have a nice one to sell or
know where I can get one.

Well, guess thats it for the moment. Am getting ready
to put my Christmas lights up. We put about 125,000
lights and other items up.

David Sheuring
Lillington, NC

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