[ROVERNET - UK] Query re: Mirrors for P6B

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Fri Oct 13 03:31:11 BST 2006

I have never known of original ones here in Aust.
I buy aftermarket ones; and now you could get electrically adjustable ones which would be the go.


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Hello Rovernetters

I have tried to post this messages a couple of times with no apparent
result, and have now changed my my email address to: peter_m at amnet.net.au
I do apologise in advance if these earlier messages have been received by

I am looking for suitable external door-mounted rear vision mirrors for my
P6B. I need two to replace the el cheapo ones currently in place.  I also
have one original mirror but is really needs to be re-chromed and I doubt
that this will be economical.

Could someone please let me know the details of the mirror used on the P6B
and the name of a supplier?    

Many thanks

Peter Mitchell
Perth W/Australia

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