[ROVERNET - UK] Front bearing and seals

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Fri Oct 13 21:10:32 BST 2006

Hi Lance
If for some reason Ben's notches are not available ....

A Oz "bush" fix is to zap the old bearing tracks at 3 equally spaced 
intervals with beads of weld that project sufficiently to allow a drift 
to be used.

Had to do this to a Defender wheel recently ... worked suprisingly well.

Cheers and good luck
South Oz

Lance La Certe wrote:
> Hi,
> I've completed rebuilding the front suspension on my '70 P6B, but I have
> run into a proverbial 'wall' when trying to replace the bearings in the
> front hub.  The manual indicates that I can remove the bearing tracks by
> drifting them out with a copper or brass rod.  When I inspect my bearing
> tracks, it looks as though they are pressed into a 'shelf' on the hub, so
> that when I turn the hub on one end to drift out the bearing track from its
> 'backside', there is literally no surface of the track with which to
> interface so that I can drift it out.  Can anyone help me solve this
> problem.


> Lance La Certe, 1970 'Federal' P6B

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