[ROVERNET - UK] Bearings redux

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Mon Oct 16 01:46:40 BST 2006

Hi Lance,
Thanks for keeping us informed of your problems and solutions...it's a 
two-way street.

Kent K.

Lance La Certe wrote:

>Thanks once again (how many times have I thanked all of you) for helping
>out with various problems on the 'ol Rover.  Low and behold those little
>notches inside the hub were hiding under 15 lbs of bearing grease.  Once I
>found the notches, heated the hell out of the bearing tracks with my humble
>little propane torch, I was able to drift the outer tracks right
>out-----BUT, the inner bearing tracks were a much different story.  On my
>particular hubs, there were no notches on the opposite end where the inner
>bearing tracks were pressed in.  With torch in hand and much persistence I
>was finally able to get enough purchase with a thin screwdriver on the very
>edge of the tracks to lodge them out.
>The best news??? One can carefully tap out the oil seals from the opposite
>end (as opposed to prying them out) without damaging them; they're good as
>new and can be reused.  If any one needs a set of the seals, Ruth at ABC
>has them.
>Thanks again for all of the help.
>Lance La Certe
>lacpsyd at earthlink.net
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