[ROVERNET - UK] Timing chain noises 2000TC

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Thu Oct 19 00:39:05 BST 2006

Three possibilities, in my experience.

First thing, the lower chain rarely give any trouble. On to the upper chain.

First possibility is that the chain has stretched so far that the 
tensioner has run out of effective travel. Least likely I expect

Second possibility  is that the chain damper has broken, allowing the 
tension side of the chain to whip.

Third possibility is that the tensioner is so worn that the oil is 
leaking out faster than it coming in. It is also possible that the 
small plug at the end, which is used when you retract the tensioner, 
has fallen out. The fact that the noise goes away at higher engine 
speed (more oil pressure) suggests that the tensioner is the likely 


>Well, it's awfully quiet on the Rovernet, so I thought
>I'd ask a question:
>My '69 2000TC makes a distinct hollow, metallic
>jingling noise at idle. It disappears at higher revs.
>I think it's coming from one of the timing chains. My
>question is: is it possible this can be fixed by
>replacing just the tensioner? Also, what are the
>consequences of ignoring this problem? From what I
>gather it's a non-interference engine, so should a
>chain snap/jump time, it wouldn't cause any collateral
>damage- unless I'm loading up my oil with chunks of
>disintegrating tensioner or metal ground off the
>timing cover by a sloppy chain.
>As always, your collective Rover thoughts are
>appreciated in advance.
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