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Hmm, it sounds like you have too much time; must have finished the Centurion tank it seems.

You could buy a series 1 and swap everything else in; including the loom.
Or buy some 2000s and rebuild the rear calipers.

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  For want of anything better to, I am minded to extend the 
customisation of the P6B.  As you know, a P6B has "power" bulges on 
the hood (bonnet).  These are 100 per cent cosmetic and have no 
purpose, except to remind boy racers that there is indeed a V8 below.

I can only think of two options.  One is to cut out the bulges and 
reweld the bonnet.  Two is to cut off the extended P6B bonnet lip and 
weld this to an earlier 3500 bonnet.

All ideas gratefully recieved.


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