[ROVERNET - UK] Power Bulges

Thu Oct 19 02:11:05 BST 2006

The bulges do have a useful purpose. The center one is the main air intake 
to the carbs thru the filter assembly. The smaller ones are for weather 
changes. The TC 4 cylinder bonnets did not have them. If you are in an area 
where the temp gets above 75 f , the engine will over heat. if you live in a 
cold climate the smaller vents being in the winter (closed) position will 
help keep you warm. The P6B is one of the top 10 most respected autos made 
post WW2. I call mine tanks. The engine will slide under the driver in a 
headon collision. It has real bumpers and the best dual 4 wheel brakeing 
systems ever made. Even Rolls uses a simular system.
John Hall 

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