[ROVERNET - UK] Need Magnum wheel adapter hubs, set of four)

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 19 16:30:29 BST 2006

 Back to chrome wheels again:I have a set of Magnum 500 wheels , from 67-68 
2000TC, but need a set of 4 hubs.As you recall from last month's discussion; 
All Rover P6 had the same lug bolt pattern from the factory.Before the 
Rostyles were available in 1969, Rover contracted with the US wheel adapter 
of Magnum 500's to produce them; but Rover sent the maker new hubs, which 
had studs of a Chevy-Jaguar pattern installed. These  are a different bolt 
pattern than all other Rovers. I need a set of 4 hubs to fit my chrome 
Magnum 500's. Please contact me offline at  jaguru at bellsouth.net   .Phone 
tollfree in the US 1 877 524 8787.  ...One more thing; These were used on 
2000TC. Can these hubs be used on 1970 Federal 3500S? Thank you, James Dean, 
Ft. Lauderdale.
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> pjemail at aol.com wrote:
>> Dear Eric,
>> I believe he means the seals for the front quarter lights. We have these 
>> at £25.00 each.
>> Regards,
>> Pierre Janusz
> What real Yanks call, "the vent windows in the front doors."
> Eric, this guy is good (VERY good), but I suspect he may be a Kiwi ex-pat 
> posing as a Real American. Could also be a Belgian masking his true 
> location with a bogus email address. Watch your step, friend. The internet 
> is a dangerous place.
> Glen
> Anyone else ever notice that the Mozilla Thunderbird spellchecker doesn't 
> want you to type the word "internet" unless it has an upper case "I" at 
> the beginning? What's that about, and who's behind it? Also, the word 
> "spellchecker" is not allowed, but "spell checker" is fine. Does your 
> "spell" need to be examined for accuracy? Or could it be that you really 
> need a "spellingchecker" to check your spelling. No, that's unacceptable, 
> too, according to the Mozilla software. What's their real agenda? I 
> wonder...
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