[ROVERNET - UK] P5 Girling booster

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Fri Oct 20 03:56:49 BST 2006


In some servo rebuild kits the rubber rod (for pushing the leather seal 
against the vacuum cylinder)  is  too thick or not soft enough.  I had 
the same problem and wound up re-using the original rubber rod in a 
re-rebuild.  The first time around the servo I rebuilt for my P5 put the 
brakes on a little more firmly each time I touched the pedal until the 
car wouldn't move.  We had better luck with the servo I rebuilt for 
Dad's P4 110, but it may have been a newer kit (i.e. not an NOS Girling 
kit.)  I have never noticed a problem with the leather seal retainer in 
these servos nor in others I've taken apart.

I believe the Girling MkII booster is the same in P4's and P5's at least 
from around 1960 through 1964, though there are some variations such as 
changes in the air intake filter.  I'm not sure when in the '50's the 
Clayton servo was phased out.


Kent Kinard wrote:

> Gentlemen,
> Let us return to Roverdom lest Eric send us all into exile.
> Ruth suggested that I use a P5 type booster on  my P4/100 rather than 
> try to rebuild the older style booster.  When I got down to putting it 
> all back together, I noticed a crack in the retainer ring (large 
> diameter bit that holds the leather seal and rubber tensioner on the 
> servo piston).  I pried on it a little and it broke!  Fortunately, I 
> had a spare piston (but only one).  Has anyone seen this type of failure?
> With the new rubber behind the leather seal and the leather greased 
> liberally, the piston does not slide very well in the vacuum chamber.  
> After depressing the piston by hand (required to center the bushing) 
> a  sharp rap is required to get the piston to return in spite of 
> considerable spring pressure.  Is this normal after rebuilding this 
> type of booster?
> Roveretardedly,
> Kent K.
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