[ROVERNET - UK] Prejudice on the Rovernet..again

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In 1950, my mother was denied a teaching job because of her Irish 
surname...in the United States of America.
My daughter is married to a first generation Mexican American. Javier's 
parents came to LA in the 50s, I am not sure legally or not, and both served 
long careers in the USAF.
So, I wish to publicly disown, before this world audience, the sentiments 
expressed by Americans Fritz Raushenberg and Steve Bridge.  This is 
anti-Hispanic prejudice, pure and undiluted.
No American is clamoring to waste several billion $ on a fence at the 
Canadian border, and nobody is harping on the numerous illegal Irish.
America is humanity's last, best hope (Australia is pretty good nowadays 
too.) If Mexicans or others have the "gumption' to get here, I welcome their 
contributions to our society.
I hope I never have the displeasure of meeting these who disgrace my country 
in public.
Glen, your political commentary is also misplaced, but politics is an 
accepted blood sport here now. Too bad. Both parties have much to offer.
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>>Yeah, and not to mention that Mexico is emptying their prisons and telling
>>them to go to the US or go back to jail and our politicians are too stupid
>>to figure that one out. Is there room for a few yanks in Australia?
> ...Bush is NOT stoopid, these Mexican criminals are willing to commit 
> crimes American criminals are too lazy to commit. We have to learn to 
> compete in a Global marketplace... fish head anyone?
> Mr sunshine
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