[ROVERNET - UK] Prejudice on the Rovernet..again and AGAIN

steve bridge slbridge at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 21 15:34:32 BST 2006

  Being a good person, I was alarmed that I had offended, I wrote: "First, 
my apologies for offending with my joke. I forget that the Rovernet is not 
strictly American based and a joke about how ludicrous our immigration 
policy is, can be misunderstood".
  But as I thought about it, how exactly does that joke offend Mexicans? 
There are no Mexican criminals coming to the US? "Americans are too lazy"  
is not a lie?
  No, this is right out of the Bush league dirty tricks playbook. Feign 
injury and attack personally.
  Now I am offended... (though I still want some Anne Colter)
  So please Geff, save the dramatic "disownings", you have no right to 
apologize for my humor (or lack there of) Instead, watch CSPAN rather than 
Fox. Read the Christian Science Monitor along with the National Review.  
It's "LOVE AND RUN" not "Cut and Run"
Rovercondescendingly, (sorry Kent) Steve


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