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Sun Oct 22 03:11:26 BST 2006

Hi John et al,
I have had a few cars.  '57 Chevy, '64 Nova SS, two '69 
SS396's, two Opel Asconas, a Plymouth Volare (undoubtedly 
the worst car I ever owned), '37 Chevy, '56 Packard, '53 
Buick Special straight eight, thirty-seven different 
Studebakers from 1940-1964, four TR8's and two TR7's, two 
Standard 10's, a TR4, an Opel Manta w. 215 V8, twelve 
SD1's, two MG ZB's, a Ford E350 (best vehicle I ever 
owned)  three TC's, some P5 parts cars, two P4's, a P5B 
Coupe (the biggest moneypit I've ever owned, recently 
surpassing the 1940 Studebaker President), an '84 Range 
Rover (most fun I've had on four wheels), a Cadillac 
Catera and a Toyota Sienna.  I'm not sure what that says 
about me except that I'm a car nut.  Peter Miller has 
owned the same (and I believe, only one) Rover for 
thirty-seven years.  I knew an M.D. in Ft. Worth that 
bought his first Rover (TC) new in 1967, owned two others 
and drove them until two years ago.  I don't see either 
one of these gentlemen as being eccentric

I confess to being occasionally religious on Rovernet. 
 Forgive me, Lance.

Politics is what happens when human beings interact.  It 
is unavoidable, so everyone should be seriously involved, 
but we are dangerously polarized.  There are too many 
politicians (and religious leaders) who will tell people 
what they want to hear and too few statesmen (and 
stateswomen) who can draw everyone into a workable 
compromise.  Those few seem to be equally distributed 
between the two US parties and generally get along well 
with each other.   There are too few  true prophets who 
can call the people to repentance.  No one can afford to 
say, " I made a mistake, please forgive me," yet 
forgiveness is often the only way back.  A really nice guy 
once said, "My power is made perfect in weakness."

The very best humor is when one makes fun of oneself or 
one's own kind.  The very worst humor is when people who 
are not present or people who are not powerful enough to 
defend themselves are debased. It is always dangerous and 
unnecessary to paint with too broad a brush.

My mother always said I was too serious.  Maybe I should 
tell the joke about the psychotic Quaker....but I can't 
because I'm neither psychotic nor Quaker and that would 
violate my own ground rules.  I guess I'd better just 
stick to Rovers.  I never met a Rover I didn't like, even 
the rusty ones:-)  Every Rover I ever met has an equal 
opportunity to sit in my yard.

Kent K.

On Sat, 21 Oct 2006 19:23:15 -0500
  "JOHN HALL" <J.HALL11 at COMCAST.NET> wrote:
> Probably like me. I had a 1942 Chevy with bumpers 
>painted gray,  a1948 Lincoln Contentinal,  1947 Desoto ( 
>9 passenger with sunroof and leather seats) , 1955 
>Studebaker Golden Hawk, 57 Citroen ID-19, 63 DS21, 68 
>DS-31, 72 SM. Now have an 86 CX25GTi.. also1966 Rover 
>2000 Automatic,  68 2000TC. Now have 3  3500S. I 
>appreciate good design and safety features. Notice that 
>most modern cars have an aerodynamic body shape like the 
>Citroens. Some are now designed so the engine will go 
>under the front seats like the Rovers and Citroens if in 
>a head on collision.
> Rovernet is no place for politics or religion. There is 
>more than enough of that on the web now. 
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