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Sun Oct 22 03:45:02 BST 2006

--- Nathan Obuch <nathanobuch at yahoo.com> wrote:

>     Bringing the topic back to Rovers, but with a
> slightly political tie-in-- I've always wondered
> what
> the demographic of Rover buyers in the USA was. In
> the
> UK, where a Rover would have been a mainstream
> choice
> of motorcar the demographics seem straightforward
> (if
> split pre and post P6)-- but a Rover was definitely
> an
> "off the beaten path" choice for an American
> purchaser. What sort of person bought them when new?
> Nathan  
I feel, without any science to back it up, they would
have been popular mostly on the coasts. Makes sense,
I'd imagine, since they would have been off loaded
there. Also, most foreign cars are sold on the coasts
anyway. The middle america buying mostly domestic
products. When a friend of mine purchased a new VW bug
in Ohio around the early '70's, his neighbors and evn
some of his family would not talk to him. Why? He
bought a car from an enemy of the US. He wasn't
"patriotic". So I'd imagine that Rovers, like most
foreign cars were more accepted coastside.

On another subject, I went to the local MAACO to get a
rough quote on the cost of painting the Rover. A guy
named Bill helped me and showed me a few cars he's
working on and they actually look pretty good. I told
him I wanted a 50 foot show car and he told me that
single stage should be fine for the non metallic paint
job I want. It will also be two tone. He was concerned
the primer had been on for more than a few years and
that primer absorbs moisture and may be rusting
underneath the primer. Anyway, costs for single stage
is going to be around $1000. I didn't think that was
too bad, certainly not an Earl Schieb price though.


I'll have to tow the car there, but it's not too far.
I hope to have it painted by next year, so I can drive
it around spring time and start hitting the show
circuit. LOL!

  Rover P5

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