[ROVERNET - UK] Prejudice on the Rovernet..again (possiblediatribe enclosed)

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Sun Oct 22 03:59:16 BST 2006

I would not comment on the imminent departure ( so it is said) of Tony 
Blair, or on the NZ elections, or Australian. I think it woudl be insulting 
to Rovernet readers.
As to your response, your last line says it all: "steer things in the right 
direction".  Your definition of the right direction, it seems.
This will be my last non-Rover post. I purposely changed the title so as to 
be honest about the subject. In the future, I ask all 'netters to plainly 
identify the subject. If it is non-Rover, I will delete before reading.
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> geffandjulie wrote:
>> Glen, your political commentary is also misplaced, but politics is an 
>> accepted blood sport here now. Too bad. Both parties have much to offer.
> Geff,
> Not so happy about being chastised for my political commentary in a 
> posting headed "Prejudice on the Rovernet" since your statements were 
> certainly much more political than my own. Individuals can apparently 
> differ about exactly where political commentary crosses the line into 
> prejudice and racism, but I'm not sure any forum needs to be COMPLETELY 
> without political commentary. A touch of commentary teaches us about each 
> other, while most diatribes just get ignored.
> What I said was:  "As far as the USA goes, it has at least become 
> statistically verifiable that most Americans don't like where we are, what 
> we've been doing or where we've been heading.  Considering that we have 
> operated under an unchecked one-party system for the past six years, it's 
> surprising that more damage hasn't been done."
> I speak up once in a while when it seems like the world is only seeing one 
> aspect of America. Unfortunately, the ones doing the most damage are not 
> individual private citizens. Saying that "both parties have much to offer" 
> is fine, but it is sort of a softball comment that implies that it makes 
> no real difference which party's policies become reality. As a wise man 
> once said, "You shall know them by their fruits."
> Not all Americans are happy with or complacent about what the United 
> States government has been doing in the name of its citizens. Tell some 
> Iraqi civilians that American politics has become "an accepted blood 
> sport" and they would have to be amazed at the irony in the choice of 
> words. The stakes are pretty high right now on the U.S. political scene. 
> What's going on is not a game or an intellectual exercise in civics. The 
> lives of real people the world over are affected by our political 
> machinations. Whatever one's politics might be, we all have a 
> responsibility to take a stand and do what little we can to steer things 
> in the right direction.
> Glen
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