[ROVERNET - UK] Centurion Tank - partly OT

Peter Mitchell peter_m at amnet.net.au
Sun Oct 22 08:14:45 BST 2006

We've heard of this beast before, Mike.  As a young soldier I rode on one in
1971, even fired a belt from the turret 0.30 cal mg.  I also went through
the factory that was rebuilding Centurions and Ferret Scout Cars - real nut
and bolt restorations they were.

Does the tank still have its Morris Minor auxiliary engine?

How did you come by it? Do you have some photos?

I am sure that I speak for many others in asking for more than the odd
tantalising snippet....


Peter Mitchell


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I've got a centurion tank with a derated Merlin (called a Meteor) built by,
you guessed it, Rover.  The Centurion's sole purpose was to kill people in
vast numbers.

I think you could construe as this as a kosher Rover posting.


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