[ROVERNET - UK] War and stuff

David Bass david.bass4 at ntlworld.com
Sun Oct 22 10:41:46 BST 2006

David Bass wrote:
> mikshdik at ozemail.com.au wrote:
>> I've got a centurion tank with a derated Merlin (called a Meteor) 
>> built by, you guessed it, Rover.  The Centurion's sole purpose was to 
>> kill people in vast numbers.
>> I think you could construe as this as a kosher Rover posting.
>> kanjane
> You might be interested in Tanknet if you're not already aware of it. 
> There are a few Aussies there already, but AFAIK none of them actually 
> own their own tanks.
> http://www.tanknet.org
> David

Replying to my own post, tsk tsk, and after being absent for many, many 

Based on the recent discussions, the tale end of which I have just 
caught, might find the largely conservative, military based discussions 
at Tanknet would upset them at times. On the other hand, they might find 
that the viewpoints presented, by people who have served in Iraq and/or 
Afghanistan an interesting change from the views of those countries 
presented by the world's media, which are largely provided by Green Zone 
talking heads who are too scared to leave the compound, and therefore 
rely on local stringers of dubious loyalty.


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