[ROVERNET - UK] Prejudice on the Rovernet..again (possible diatribe enclosed)

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sun Oct 22 21:51:38 BST 2006

Nathan Obuch wrote:


>     Bringing the topic back to Rovers, but with a
> slightly political tie-in-- I've always wondered what
> the demographic of Rover buyers in the USA was. In the
> UK, where a Rover would have been a mainstream choice
> of motorcar the demographics seem straightforward (if
> split pre and post P6)-- but a Rover was definitely an
> "off the beaten path" choice for an American
> purchaser. What sort of person bought them when new? 
> Nathan  

I thought Rovers were imported by placing each wheel
in a coracle, pointing them in the direction of the
Americas and giving a gentle shove ...

South Oz

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