Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Oct 23 00:37:26 BST 2006

roland wrote:
> Would that also apply to Bantam? :-)
>       roland
> DL650
>   Rover P5

Actually, the Wikipedia article is pretty interesting:  

Not only an American company, but a good wholesome Pennsylvania company!!!

When Roy Evans formed American Bantam in 1935: "All ties to UK Austin 
were severed. A series of changes were made to the American Austin car 
design, including a modified engine and an exterior sheetmetal designed 
by Alexis de Sakhnoffski."

Definitely an American car. Definitely. Why you would want to market an 
automobile named after a chicken,  I don't know. Doesn't have the same 
cachet as Thunderbird or even Falcon...



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