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Right on Glen. It was actually made in Butler, PA a little North of 
Pittsburg. I saw one nine days ago at the Portland Northwest Car Collectors 
show. It was a beautifully restored 1941 Black and Red convertible. Bantam 
was the only one of the original bidders for the Jeep that came close to the 
specifications. They also kept beating Willy's and Ford in the competitive 
tests. But, the powers that be said that they were not a large enough 
company to handle the required volume, leaving the other tow to build them 
using Bantam engineering. They threw a bone to Bantam and let them make the 
trailers that were towed by Jeep's. They went belly up after the was.

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> roland wrote:
>> Would that also apply to Bantam? :-)
>>       roland
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> Actually, the Wikipedia article is pretty interesting: 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Bantam
> Not only an American company, but a good wholesome Pennsylvania company!!!
> When Roy Evans formed American Bantam in 1935: "All ties to UK Austin were 
> severed. A series of changes were made to the American Austin car design, 
> including a modified engine and an exterior sheetmetal designed by Alexis 
> de Sakhnoffski."
> Definitely an American car. Definitely. Why you would want to market an 
> automobile named after a chicken,  I don't know. Doesn't have the same 
> cachet as Thunderbird or even Falcon...
> ;-)
> Glen
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Alexis_de_Sakhnoffski&action=edit>
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