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No, it would not do. Even aside from the fact that the ports are 
facing in a direction that would interfere with the base unit, it 
lacks a air control valve for the booster.

A quick summary is in order:

The design of the P6, with its very low mounted master cylinders, 
required the use of a remote, hydraulic booster, unlike a more normal 
design that adds a vacuum booster to the master cylinder itself. So 
the P6 design is complicated, having in essence two complete "master 
cylinders", one powered by our foot, the other powered by air at the 
behest of our foot. This is for the single circuit system. It is also 
more complex from the operational standpoint, as an extra hydraulic 
circuit is needed to control the booster (unlike the more normal 
system, where the booster is controlled mechanically by foot 
pressure). This is the cause of much grief.

The tandem systems required twice as many components, though the foot 
master cylinders are combined in one casting.

This was all fine and dandy for the 4cyl cars , but trouble arose 
with the V8. Not enough room! So they made the system even more 
complex, by shifting the hydraulic circuit that controlled the 
booster from the booster cylinder to the foot master, thereby placing 
this problematic bit to an even more challenging location in the car, 
low and beside the exhaust manifold of the engine.

New parts, rather than rebuilds, would pretty much rid the cars of 
problems, but new parts are all but impossible to find now.


>Found this on Summit Racing's Ebay store:
>Would this be a suitable replacement for the P6B 3500S item?
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