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Hi Ray

I run straight pump unleaded in my 3.9 Land Rover Disco (8.3:1cr) and BP
Ultimate plus a dose of Flashlube in my 4.6 SD1 (9.3:1 cr).

I was put off using Optimax after reading on the US Land Rover forums
that some users had experienced  upper cylinder problems with its long
term use in the Rover V8 engine which seemed to be well documented.


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I suppose this post is aimed at Australian and possibly New Zealand
readers but I would be interested if other countries have similar fuel.
Here in Oz I have been putting Shell Optimax (unleaded 98 octane) with a
fuel additive in my 1976 P6B auto. I have no complaints and it has been
running beautifully.
However, Shell here (other places as well?) are replacing Optimax with a
98 octane fuel called 'V-Power'. Shell describes the new fuel as: "New
Shell V-Power is a high density, high performance 98 octane fuel which
contains Friction Modification Technology (FMT). New Shell V-Power with
FMT is designed to reduce friction in the engine, improve engine
performance and responsiveness, and give improved acceleration, in
comparison with Shell Optimax." Shell also produce a 95 octane unleaded
fuel. I would be interested to hear what other readers use in their
P6Bs. Do I really need the 98 octane fuel? Or will the 95 octane fuel be

Ray Wilkins
1976 P6B
Melbourne Australia

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