Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Wed Oct 25 15:49:20 BST 2006

Winchester, Miles wrote:

>Thanks Kent and Rob,
>A local Landrover specialist has been trying to sell me a 3.9 for the SD1
>but I said I would only consider a 4.6 engine. He caught me by surprise and
>said he has a 4.6 available soon. Thought I should find out how easy the
>conversion is before I next talk to him.
>1986 VDP
Hi Miles,
Did you ever get a copy of the Des Hammill book on Rover V8's?  Although 
there are some inaccuracies, it is a very insightful read.  Good 
information about the 4CU EFI system also.  If you send Franc Buxton and 
ECU, he can convert it to Vitesse spec.  It will make a world of 
different in both fuel consumption (better) and performance even on the 
federal injection.  I can send Franc an ECU and he can post it on to 
you.  I have two or three spares.

You can simply use the 4.6 long block and mount the SD1 front cover and 
transmission and be done with it (cut the lug off the rear of the crank 
as previously described if necessary) but be sure your oil pump is not 
scored and fully up to spec.  Note the compression ratio so you can 
choose proper heads and gaskets.  You will need to make up a plate to 
cover the crank sensor hole. 

The "interim" cover has provision for a distributor (the hole is most 
frequently blanked off like the fuel pump hole on earlier front covers) 
but can be drilled out.  This is a precission operation for a machinist. 
This front cover used the new style crank driven oil pump.  I think only 
the last 4.2's and early Disco's actually used a distributor. This front 
cover will match the long nose crank, but you will also need the 
matching crankshaft pulley.  There are several different damper/pulley 
combinations and the best is (again) the long damper from the 4.2 which 
has both a serpentine and a V-belt groove.  The crank pulley from the 
4.6 will not work as it sits too close to the front cover to drive the 
water pump on the interim cover.   This conversion is well worth the 
effort, though.  If you can't find an interim cover, I have two and 
probably won't use the second one.  I still owe you (or Ron or Edward?) 
for the door skin.

Kent K.

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