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I think that I will stick with simple SU's, thank you! Getting too old to 
learn too many new tricks.

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>> Hi Kent,
>>  What do you mean: ''Vitesse Spec"?   Is the 4CU the hotwire or the 3.5 
>> EFI (SD1) system?
> Hi Steve,
> I have your airflow meter but I need a shipping address.
> Lucas 4CU systems are all "flapper" air meter systems and were used on 
> Federal and Australian SD1's like yours and mine.  They were also used on 
> Vitesse, VDP EFI SD1's and UK Range Rovers but with the later style plenum 
> and velocity stacks and without Lambda sensors.  The Vitesse and Range 
> Rover 4CU computers will plug into your Federal system and eliminate the 
> Lambda sensors (and catalytic converters where state law allows) ;-)  The 
> Range Rover and Vitesse ECU's differ from each other and the Vitesse is a 
> better match for the SD1 vehicle.
> A rising rate fuel pressure regulator ( to counteract high speed lean out) 
> and perhaps higher flow injectors would be useful.  The Federal type flat 
> plenum is really not that bad, particularly with a 3.5 and stock heads. 
> The ECU and piston area are the limiting factors for Federal SD1's. Franc 
> has been doing Vitesse conversions on the Federal ECU for quite a few 
> years.  Google "Stunned Buffalo".
> 13CU and 14CU systems were only used on North American Range Rovers for a 
> few years.  This is a "hot wire" system but the ECU is not tuneable.  It 
> is easy to upgrage this system with a 14CUX ECU and a minor wiring change. 
> The 14CUX is the definitive "hot wire" system.  Some came with plug in 
> chips and others must have the plug installed. Most Range Rovers from '89 
> to '95 and early Discos.  The 14CUX can be configured to run with or 
> without Lambda Sensors.  Various Eproms were used in different vehicles 
> and years.  You need to have the Eprom configured for your particular 
> application,  ie. engine size, compression, camshaft, vehicle weight, etc.
> Roverly,
> Kent K.
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