[ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC on eBay

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Oct 30 01:43:00 GMT 2006


This car is down the road from me, and I've looked at it closely. I 
posted pictures on the web some months ago for Rovernetters to look at. 
I'm not sure what the reserve price is, but the seller wanted $2k for it 
when I spoke with him a few months ago. It is a solid car, but it is 
most definitely not a 40,000 mile car. It has been poorly resprayed, and 
the paint is peeling in several places. Some of the interior panels have 
overspray on them. There is some rust in the doors, though I don't think 
it was all that bad. It has an SD1 badge up front. The engine had all 
sorts of oil leaks.

When I saw it, I was told that the trans could not be shifted due to the 
shifter ball and bushings problem that affects these things.  It had not 
run or moved in ten years, so I'm not sure what to make of the agent's 
claim that it had been "started and moved frequently" during those 
years. It is possible that they have managed to start it up, but to say 
"it runs and was driven regularly" would tax the Heart of Gold's 
improbability drive. The air cleaner was on top of a stack of tires next 
to the car, and I note that it is still not fitted. In the picture, the 
car is sitting just outside the bay where it had been sitting for the 
last ten years, and I rather doubt that it got there on it's own power 
(gravity doesn't count).

When I looked at this car, I was thinking it looked pretty nice for a 
$500 or possibly free car, but the seller was adamant about the price, 
at that time. I'd say that it is straight and solid (except for the 
somewhat rusty door bottoms) and about 98% complete, but I wouldn't 
drive it ten feet assuming it would start and go into gear.

If I sound negative about this, there are two reasons for this. First, 
the owner is a used car dealer who knows what condition this car is in 
and has a grossly inflated idea of its value who swore it had 40k 
original miles on it as I stood next to him looking at the driver's 
footwell in the pictures. Second, the person selling it on eBay is an 
agent who is simply relaying what he was told, and he has not done due 
diligence on this car.

Caveat emptor, people. The car can definitely be restored, and it 
deserves to be saved, but we're talking full mechanical and cosmetic 
restoration here. On the other hand, he just sold someone an 88" LR that 
was a complete rust bucket (floors, frame, everything) and a non-runner 
to boot for $4,000 and the buyer left positive feedback. I guess value 
is in the eye of the beholder.


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