[ROVERNET - UK] Re: 2000TC on Ebay - consignment sellers

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Oct 30 17:29:04 GMT 2006

Geoff Kirkpatrick wrote:
> Re Glen's statement of "caveat emptor" - I agree completely.  I've had
> overwhelmingly positive experiences using Ebay, but probably 80% of the
> bad ones have involved consignment sellers. 

I have actually done some consignment selling on eBay, and it's a very 
treacherous position to be in, even when you are dealing with reputable 
sellers. Most of us on this list don't necessarily recognize how much 
expertise we have with things like Rover parts. We've seen so many cars 
and parts that we can pretty much look at a part and say that it's about 
as nice as any others we've seen or is exceptional and what it might be 
worth. Even with old car parts, it's much easier to deal in NOS stuff 
than used stuff (some of which costs much more to ship than it is 
actually worth). When you go to sell antique china or vintage cameras or 
bits of silverware, it's a whole new world. What do you charge? How much 
time do you spend researching the item? You quickly spend any commission 
you might have made finding out what you have, but just repeating what 
someone has told you is a dangerous way to go.


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