[ROVERNET - UK] Rare radio in P4

Rod Blair roverp4au at yahoo.com.au
Tue Oct 31 04:50:43 GMT 2006

Evening all,
I recently acquired a 1950 Cyclops which came with a
rather unusual radio. I can find no reference on the
internet to an Eaton Autovox and none of the radio
restorers in my neck of the woods have been able to
shed light upon it. It has no other identifying marks
and I'm loathe to dismantle it for fear of doing it
some harm. It is a two piece unit pretty much like the
Smiths Radiomobile with a very small dial, an on / off
switch, a station selector knob and a largish
horizontal 'wheel' which I assume is the volume
Any information would be appreciated.
Regards & thanks in anticipation
Rod Blair.

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