[ROVERNET - UK] Sale of Jaguar and Land Rover

sspmilr at netzero.net sspmilr at netzero.net
Fri Sep 1 03:23:50 BST 2006

Hi Roverists:

Don't know of any major car manufacturer that can afford to buy either
company, there all in trouble.

I'll bet that the Chinese are "licking their chops" over this one!  The
company that bought the car end of Rover would be "sitting pretty" if
they could latch onto Land Rover.

As for Jaguar, I don't have any idea who will buy them?  Maybe the 
other major Chinese car manufacturer?

>From a North American view, it appears that the British government and
Labor Unions have turned British car manufacturing into a socialist
enterprise.  With the workers being guaranteed employment regardless
of their product quality.  Also, small low volume companies such as
Morgan or Aston Martin seem to trudge on.

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