[ROVERNET - UK] Gas tank Question.

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 4 01:20:05 BST 2006

--- Ben Rodgers <irishrover at netscape.ca> wrote:

> Hi Folks
>             The 1967 P5 Mk 3 has been picking up
> dirt in the fuel lines and
> carb so I decided to remove the tank to have it
> cleaned and sealed. After
> getting it out and removing the pick up pipe inside
> the tank I discovered
> that a small gauze tube shaped filter had fallen of
> the end of the pipe. 

Ben, I think I actually used wire to tie a metal gauze
to the pickup. Then I installed a Fram inline filter
before the pump and it trapped alot of debris. Enough
to be replaced two more times. The fuel bowl even had
some debris. All was well after the tank was sealed
though. Maybe you could solder on the gauze? Good luck Ben.

  Rover P5

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