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Tried to send you an email direct, but got "blacklisted"?? Do you have me 
blocked or something?

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>> Interesting.
>> How difficult would it be to make into a left hand drive, I wonder?
>> S>
> Hi Stephen,
> I think I addressed this matter for P5B's, but will go over it again for 
> the Mk. II's as there are some differences.
> Gathering all the separate pieces would be a nightmare, but Mk. II saloons 
> are realatively plentiful and most of the ones in North America are LHD, 
> so that helps. Assuming you have a saloon parts car, the following would 
> be necessary:
> Change power seering box and idler.  Pump and reservoir can stay put. 
> High and low pressure hoses must be changed.
> Splice wiring harness using LHD harness pieces where necessary.  This is 
> the part that's easier on the Mk. II because you have a parts car with 
> most of the harness parts you need.  Keep in mind there are some 
> differences between Coupe and saloon.
> Change steering column, dash(it cannot be changed as a unit but must be 
> disassembled), glove box (only one, as this coupe has a radio which you 
> can keep if you can get it to work) and column drop.
> Change shift linkage (this is harder than on the V8 because the V8 has a 
> floor shift).  Linkage adjustment with the DG (Three band) gearbox is 
> critical.  If the parts car has stick and OD, consider changing gearbox, 
> but that is it's own can of worms.
> move pedals, master cylinder, and brake line from MC to booster.  The 
> other parts of the brake system are OK as is except that this car has 
> non-functional brakes.  Figure a brake rebuild into the mix.  The booster 
> rebuild kits (Girling) are available from Moss (Austin Healey) but Ruth 
> says the Lockheed boosters (as on P6) can be substituted. The proper 
> blanking plates for the old MC hole and other bits can come from the 
> saloon.  Coupe firewall should have all the proper new holes in place 
> already.
> Change throttle linkage and pedal (actually one of the harder parts of the 
> job).
> swap handbrake brackets move handbrake handle and change handbrake idler 
> pulleys
> swap carpets
> I think that's it.
> Not too hard, just time consuming (four years and counting).
> Roverleftoverly,
> Kent K.
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