[ROVERNET - UK] tc shimmy

Larry lewill at ctcweb.net
Fri Sep 8 14:24:38 BST 2006

I was on a road trip and everything was OK. The old girl was running at 
highway speed with little vibration and then coming off the freeway and 
slowing down for a stop sign the front end developed a horrible shimmy. But 
at a slow speed. Above the speed only a slight vibration. This happened all 
of a sudden. I drove home(100 miles or so) and the shimmy continued. I had a 
friend turn the wheel and there were no lose ball joints and nothing to see. 
I have a Ford work truck that has a vibration dampener that is hooked into 
the steering and I had hit a big rock and smashed the thing and if I hit a 
bump in the road it had the same shimmy as the tc has. Has anyone had this 
happen before? Any suggestions? I see in the manual there is a steering 
damper that may be the culprit. As I was having my friend turn the wheel all 
the way to the right there was a click and it came from the dampener on the 
right side of the fire wall. Sorry for the rambling note. Any and all help 
would be appreciated. Larry 

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