[ROVERNET - UK] tc shimmy problem solved

Larry lewill at ctcweb.net
Sat Sep 9 14:24:45 BST 2006

Thanks to all who replied to the shimmy problem. I would have bet a 
Tasmanian beer, a Perth beer, a cellar chilled Birmingham beer and a cold 
MGD that the problem was in the steering. I jacked up the rear end and put 
it on jack stands. To check the rear end first. I have been having problems 
with a vibration in another tc. I started the engine and put it in gear and 
let out the clutch. I jammed a large dowel in between the gas pedal and the 
seat and in third gear ran it up to 2000 rpm. I then got out and looked at 
the rear tires. The left tire was out of round at least 1 inch or even more. 
The wheel was running straight. The only thing that I can figure was that 
the tire finally gave way at the specific time that I was slowing down and 
possibly it had been working on breaking down for some time. It was a Cooper 
tire and I don't know old it was. I changed the tire and test drove it and 
problem solved. Has anyone experience this before? Again thanks for the 
response to my shimmy problem. Larry 

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