[ROVERNET - UK] Painting My Car

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 11 03:49:52 BST 2006

Hi folks, it's about time I painted my Rover P5. It
must have been at least 4 years since the car has been
on the road. It's been stripped to bare metal and
primered, but still needs block sanding to take down
the high spots. Since my bodyman is no longer in
business, no one really wants to paint a car with
unknown primer and guarantee the work. Soooooo, I
wanted to ask the collective minds of experience here
if I should just paint it myself, or just send it off
to Maaco for a quick spray and fix the bodges if any.
;-)My friend is trying to convince me it's no that bad
since he's paint his 1968 Nova like 15 years ago!
Well, I'm alot older now and don't want to inhale a
bunch of noxious fumes and we aren't painting an
Isetta! What do you all think? Those that have painted
your own cars, what prep and problems did you have?
Did you end up sleeping in the dog house after the
paint smells chased the family out of the house? Has
the color of you car finally washed out of your
kitchen dishes? Thanks all.

  Rover P5

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