[ROVERNET - UK] butter fingers

Steven Dibdin sdibdin at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 11 13:41:23 BST 2006

Hi Mike,

Great story. But I can't take credit for "bringing a TC back from the 
brink". I wonder if you are thinking of Ali's work? Mine is original but not 
completely overwhelming! Just don't won't to take someone else's, much 
deserved' praise.

To add to that story I did confuse folks at work the other week when I came 
in with a burn half way around my left wrist.

I dropped a nut beside the battery, reached down to retrieve it. Clasp of 
metal watch band touches positive terminal, case of watch touches servo 
bracket. Half a second of 740 amps runs through metal band, it gets hot, so 
does wrist. Thank heavens the new neighbors didn't hear my language from the 

All the best,

Steven Dibdin

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