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Maaco is a franchise. Some are going to do an awful job, but there are some 
that do really good work. It's just a matter of who you go to. When I lived 
in Dallas, I visited a Maaco on Harry Hines BLVD that did excellent work.

They were very honest about the work that they did and told me that the job 
included 2 hours labor for prep work. So if you bring them a car with a 
dent, you'll get a shiny dent. If you bring them a rusty car then you'll get 
fresh paint on rust etc etc etc.

That said, If you decide to consider Maaco, you may be able to get a decent 
job but you need to shop around first. Visit the store and talk to the 
owner, have him show you the facility and show you some completed jobs. Make 
him explain to you what they did and how much it cost. Make multiple trips 
to the store so that you can see some work before it goes into paint and 
when it's done.

In the end, it all depends on who's doing the work on your car and how good 
they are at their job. Considering that a Maaco store paints hundreds of 
cars every week, the chances are that the painter has lots of experience. If 
the paint has  orange peel or runs, you can color sand and buff it out you 
get the car home.

If I ever decide to take my car to Maaco, I would find out who's painting my 
car and slip him $50 before he starts and then let him know that there's 
another $50 coming his way when the job's done.

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> roland wrote:
>> Soooooo, I
>> wanted to ask the collective minds of experience here
>> if I should just paint it myself, or just send it off
>> to Maaco for a quick spray and fix the bodges if any.
> Maaco will really do a terrible job. It will look bad and won't last at 
> all. They will simply paint over anything there is, including places that 
> should not be painted. If you don't want to spend thousands on a paint 
> job, the most important thing is to find someone who cares about the car. 
> A gifted amateur who cares will do a superior job to that of a pro who's 
> just tossing it off.
> Glen
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