[ROVERNET - UK] Who Is Attending the Maryland Event?

Jim Cumberland fjcumberland at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 12 16:07:06 BST 2006

I was planning to go, but a combination of work responsibility's (ahh to be independently wealthy . . . . ) & the probable need to go to Charleston on the Friday collect a Mini for a friend who is importing it & needs to collect it ASAP probably means I'm staying home.  If I think of it I'll email Glen a picture of me & the car to prop up somewhere . . . . 

If anyone wants my registration let me know.

Very bummed . . . . . 



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Is anyone on the list going to Rock Hill? My son and I are  
contemplating take our SD1's on the 10 hour drive to Rock Hill  
September 30 or the 1 hour drive to Road Atlanta for Petit LeMans on  
the same day. Anyone one in the area going to either?

Timothy DeLisle
1980 Rover SD1
1988 Lotus Esprit
1975 MGB V8
tim at acadiamg.com

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