[ROVERNET - UK] 1971 P6B NADA Speedo.

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>Hi Roverists:
>Our speedometer is fluxuating wildly, at times at high speed.  It has
>never been rock solid stable from day one.  It has always had a slight
>fluxuation.  Any ideas for a cure?  Is there anyone who converts them
>to an electric drive?
>Peter Miller
>Arlington, Wa.
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Grease the cable carefully. Take care not to have too much grease up at the 
top of the Cable. It may spin up into the speedo itself. Greasing works well 
on my Rover 2000 auto. My TC has the cable disconnected from the speedo 
currently, I have to hook it up and find out if the speedo is siezed or not! 
Also the right angle drive can cause the speedo to do strange things shortly 
before the gears break, similar to what you described. You can get these 
right angled drives repaired, in Adelaide, Australia, by Adelaide Speedo and 
gauge sevice. They can make speedo cables from a sample. They are very 
inexpensive and have a great reputation. Their number is 011 1 618 8326 
3866. If anyone knows anybody in the US who does this sort of work then 
could they post please. I had a speedo cable made, my gauges checked, and 
the speedo repaired, all for about $(AUD)25 dollars a few years ago. The 
speedo had a bit of broken cable stub in the hole where the cable goes in. 
You could fit a new cable, it would work, but not for long.


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