[ROVERNET - UK] Speedo fluctuations

Phil philhodge at northsound.net
Sat Sep 16 15:48:07 BST 2006

Hi Peter,

I had the same problem with my 3500 speedo and followed all the same
suggestions that are repeated here. None worked. I finally partially
dismantled my speedo head and carefully applied WD40 to the bushes inside.
This cured it. If all elso fails, why not...

Philip Hodge
Bainbridge Island, WA


From: <sspmilr at netzero.net>
To: <rovernet at lyris.ccdata.com>
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 8:13 AM
Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] 1971 P6B NADA

Hi Roverists:

Our speedometer is fluxuating wildly, at times at high speed.  It has
never been rock solid stable from day one.  It has always had a slight
fluxuation.  Any ideas for a cure?  Is there anyone who converts them
to an electric drive?

Peter Miller
Arlington, Wa.

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