[ROVERNET - UK] 2000 Tc no fuel sorted & a brake question. (Extendedbabbling.)

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Wed Sep 20 05:27:42 BST 2006

     I replaced the front brake servo with a rebuilt,
and bled the front brakes. I have the vacuum line for
the rear servo disconnected and plugged, pending
replacement of the rear servo and rear brake hoses.
The brakes seem to work OK, they'll lock up on gravel,
but the unusual thing is that the pedal seems to
travel down when the brakes are applied, then actually
push back up on my foot! The servo also makes a
clunking noise during really hard brake application.
Maybe it is reaching the end of the internal piston's

The fuel gauge is not linear in my experience, but 3/4 usually means 2/3, not empty.  Oh well.
The brake feel symptom you describe is what my P6B was doing for which I never found a reason.
I had spare servo rebuilt and they work fine.


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