[ROVERNET - UK] V8 Engine rebuild - surprised at professional advice

Peter_Mitchell bpf7akh02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Sep 21 13:47:46 BST 2006

Hi to all,

Following my posting this week re: rebuilding my spare '70 model V8 engine,
I phoned a Rover mechanic colleague here in Perth. He referred me on to the
engine rebuilder he uses, and this chap's advice was surprising.

The engine rebuilder said that he would regard a 70's V8 engine as scrap
value only. He said he wouldn't even hone the bores for me as the engine
when back in service could quite likely develop pinholes in between the
liners and the block, and also the liners could pull down with new pistons &

He offered me a 3.5 litre 'short' engine of 80's vintage that has been
relinered to 3.9 litres, for A$2900. I'd love one of these but am on a
budget with my interior and other work.

I can appreciate that a professional might have reservations about
rebuilding an older motor such as the one I am working on, for reasons of
warranty claims etc, and will phone another couple of engine shops tomorrow,
but am still inclined to the view that this is a very conservative

I would be grateful for the input of members on the situation that I have

Regards to all

Peter Mitchell
Western Australia  

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Anyone know what's up with Jim Boyd out in California? He still into Rovers?
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