[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Rack Boots

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Thu Sep 21 22:38:40 BST 2006

Nick and Laurie Hand wrote:

>Hi Kent , Never tired of hearing from some one whom loves old cars  and is
>trying to help me. I think I probably do need the parts  manual scanned ,
>unless there is a name stamped some where. There are some boots for sale on
>UK e-bay, they say they fit all 80 SD1. Could all the boots be the same
>size? I would be happy to buy your extra set , if you don't need them, or I
>could check with the roadster factory as Glen suggested. Thanks again  Nick
Hi Nick,
OK, this took a little work.  It would be good to identify the type of 
rack in your car, but it may be a moot point, since there appears to be 
only one type of gaiter available even though the original specs call 
for different part numbers.

Burman type rack has only two pipes showing on the front of the rack, 
the third pipe is short and connects to the top of the rack very near 
the point where it left the valve.  Part number for the gaiter kit is 
AAU3355(not available from Rimmers).

Alford & Adler has three pipes across the front of the rack, two running 
all the way across and the third connecting to the rack horozontally 
half way across.  Gaiter rack kit is BAX2189(not available from 
Rimmers).  This is also appearantly the type of rack fitted to the TR8 
(though the TR8 rack is shorter) and Rimmers lists the gaiters 
(RTC2219-$8.33 each plus shipping) and clips (UKC5533) separately for 
the TR8 application.  I personally use plastic wire ties to secure the 
ends of the gaiters.

I have neither a picture or specs for the AdWest rack, so it must be 
very rare.

I don't have a CamGears rack handy, but if I recall correctly it has one 
pipe that actually goes under a gaiter and the end of the rack opposite 
the pinion has no provision for bolts and attaches to the crossmember 
with a separate U bracket.  Does this sound familiar to anybody?  Again, 
find the appropriate Volvo part if you have this rack.

I can't find the gaiters I have but believe they are for TR8 Alford & 
Adler type.  I think you should order the ones from the Roadster Factory 
and try them or take an old gaiter to a sympathetic parts man and look 
very perplexed.

Kent K.

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