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Sat Sep 23 04:40:56 BST 2006


MGB's use the same size, so there should be some options out there.  
Here's one:
These are inexpensive Nankang tires.

I have 185/70-14's on Rostyles on my 2000TC and they have not rubbed 
anywhere with the limited use it has had so far.  I have not had a load 
in the back as James talks about.  So far I have straight links in the 
rear suspension, but have some kinked ones to go on when I replace the 
bushings.  I think I chose 185/70 to get close to the diameter of 
165/80.  They are Dunlop SP20's which I believe are obsolete now.

I have 165-80-15 tires by Kumho on another car, and they seem to be good 
tires.  I don't find a 165-80-14 in their line, but they do make 
185/70-14.  Do a search for that size at Tire Rack.  Like the Nankangs 
(maybe the same company), they are under $40 each before shipping and 


Gordon Harrower wrote:

> I've been having a hard time finding 165 R14 tires for my 1968 TC, and 
> I'm concerned about chafing if I get wider tires.  Does anyone have 
> experience with, or recommendations about,  this?
> Meanwhile, the new gearbox is in, managed without removing the engine.
> Gordon
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