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roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 25 05:07:30 BST 2006

--- Steven Dibdin <sdibdin at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Roland,
> I've just rebuilt my master cylinder on my 2000 TC,
> am I right in thinking 
> you have a 2000 too?
Sorry, it's a P5
> When you say that there are several parts stuck
> together, which parts are 
> you refering to? 
It's the piston assembly inside the master clutch

You're right the cylinder is a
> bugger to get to!
> The seal on the stepped piston was pretty tight on
> mine, I was replacing it 
> anyway so I used a piece of brass wire to remove it.
> that way the seal might 
> be damaged but the steel piston shaft would be safe.

I was able to pinch it with my fingers to get them
> Does that sound at all familiar? I notice that the
> same arrangment is used 
> on both the cylinders with a shared reservoir and
> with the tin type built in 
> reservoir.

I have the brake rod, circlip, piston, spring, rod,
small piston, plastic cup and inside the spring a cap
that keeps the rod attached to the main piston. I
know, that was clear as mud. LOL!
> Not sure if the above helps you any, let me know if
> it helps any.
> Regards,
> StevenD
I just figured it out a few minutes ago. I push the
rod down towards the piston, then unhook the rod off
the "cap". Then I could remove the rod with the small
piston, the spring, then unlatch the "cap" and removed
the main seal. Whew! It's all boxed up and ready to
ship. Thanks.

  Rover P5

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