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A well stated response! Thanks for posting the web site, I may finally join.

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> Brooks wrote:
>> Hmmm...let the politics and smearing begin ...
> Those of you who have been around for a while can probably already guess 
> what's going on here. The RSTCA has not changed and is functioning 
> normally. Only the website has changed, and for sound reasons. I'm not 
> going to burden the Rovernet with this. If you are simply curious about 
> the situation or have concerns that need to be discussed, please go to 
> www.RSTCA.com and all of my contact information is there. You can email 
> me, call me, or write me a letter. I will respond.
> The only thing I would ask is that when discussing RSTCA matters in this 
> forum, we all remember that we are the guests of the Rovernet and the 
> RCCC. Let's not abuse their hospitality, or we could lose that privilege.
> Glen Wilson
> www.RSTCA.com
> glenwilson at rstca.com
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