[ROVERNET - UK] tough nut

Mike Shaddick mikshdik at ozemail.com.au
Wed Sep 27 23:53:40 BST 2006

>Thanks for the email test response.
>This is a mundane topic, but one which could benefit from the 
>collective experience of Roverists...
>I've managed to round off the cap nut on my right rear caliper, and 
>a  day and a night on my back attempting to remove it with heat, 
>pounding, vise grips, forcing a smaller socket onto it, and swearing 
>profusely hasn't helped. I'm considering picking up a bolt removing 
>tool, which might bite into the top round surface and create a solid 
>enough grip to get some torque on it. I'm also considering a hand- 
>held impact driver, if I can get enough purchase on the nut with a 1 
>1/16 thin wall socket on the rounded 1 1/8 nut.
>But before I do either, I thought it would be helpful to hear from 
>you all if you have had a similar problem, and how you solved it.
>I have not, by the way, dropped the rear end.
>Thanks for any input.

Sorry, I can't offer any useful suggestions, but I am minded of the 
coarse mechanic's training manual.

"Tighten up bolt until the thread strips and then slacken off half a turn.


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