[ROVERNET - UK] Calling Rovernet Brain trust!!!

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Thu Sep 28 19:07:24 BST 2006

Hi Guys
            I need help! The Rover has me stumped (1967 P5  Mk3 Std )
The car starts and idles okay with full choke on , but once underway I can
hardly get out of second gear and continue to need choke. When I rev it
struggles and coughs back thru carb, and the engine dies, that indicates a
weak mixture, its also running on the hot side. At first it appeared to be
the mixture, too rich because of choke but I really believe its too much
air, (it coughs thru the carb). I have checked the carb, gas lines, air
connections etc, nothing obviously wrong. I decided it was not getting
enough gas and as everything checked out in the engine bay. I started at the
source, the gas tank, removed cleaned and sealed inside, replaced the dual
Lucas pumps with a single after market pump supplied by Ruth at ABC. Took
the car for a drive of about four miles it worked fair but not just right.
Stopped to filled up with gas then tried to start the car for return
journey, would barely idle and stalled when I tried to move. I noticed that
the distributor was very hot, heat shield wasn't quite in place (now
corrected). I waited while everything cooled and managed to drive home very
gently. Next I decided the petronix unit was cooked so replaced with points,
no improvement, still started easy and idled but no revs. I decided next the
coil, the wire was a bit green so replaced that, no improvement. I have to
date done the following - cleaned gas tank. replaced fuel pump. checked
everything from tank to engine (several times) checked carb float level,
checked all air connections. check coil and changed coil wire. cleaned and
re-gapped plugs. checked bolts on intake manifold. played with carb mixture
and air screw. I'm stumped, the problem seems to be that the engine is
running too weak, getting too much air, but where from. What else could it
be??. What am I missing here???? I need the help of the Rovernet Brain Trust
on this one please please please.
                                                Regards  Ben
                                                          Sitting in my
coracle stumped!

I have replaced the exhaust valves and had cylinder head cleaned and planed
approx two years ago, not many miles on car since.

born in Belfast, Northern Ireland,
Author of "lily and me" a great book and a great read .
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