[ROVERNET - UK] Calling Rovernet Brain trust!!!

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Hi Ben,
	 can't say I have been reading all the details of this thread but as you
seem convinced it is carb related why not try substitution. I know carbs are
not 10 a penny in the NADA region but maybe someone on the list has one you
could 'borrow' and see if it makes a difference. At worst it will cost the
shipping both ways which given the time and energy you have already expended
may be money well spent.

Never give up on the electrics though, have come across many a symptom that
I was convinced was fuel/ carb related but turned out not to be. At the risk
of stating the obvious have you checked for cracked cap and rotor arm (yes
rotor arms crack too).

Hope you enjoyed the football, Chelsea drew and Arsenal won so not to bad
but guess as an Ulsterman your sympathies lie with Merseyside maybe.

All the best and keep paddling!

Alan Francis (partviking)

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Hi Roland
              All the things you mention I have checked and recheck!! Took
the gas tank out, cleaned and sealed it, installed new fuel pump. Had the
distributor out and checked it out, changed the coil, checked the servo,
checked anything that could leak air, checked the gas line from back to
front, all without results. Yesterday just as I was ready to pack it in for
a while I noticed the jet needle had a small ring groove around it, it was
approx 1/8th inch out from base of piston. I adjusted it to be level with
base and indeed the engine ran much better, then the carb flooded, but I
think that was caused by the bottom washer on the economiser being out of
place. If the needle is not the problem, I'm at a loss and don't know where
to look next??? So for the moment I'm staying indoors enjoying the British
Premiership Soccer league on TV
                                                    Regards  Ben.
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